• Photo credit: Chris Michel
  • Photo credit: Chris Michel
  • Photo credit: Chris Michel

Photography is a muse who speaks when and if she is ready.

For some the conversation starts early, and inspiration comes sooner. For others, it is much later in the journey when light, lines and angles start to quietly whisper. My photographic journey started in September 2010, thanks to Instagram and the iPhone. I learned the basics of photography — color, light and composition — on this most humble of cameras. I was trained by friends on Instagram, who shared their knowledge about the craft with me freely.

In 2014, I bought a Sony RX100 point and shoot. Suddenly, a whole new relationship started and it was not up until March 2015, when I bought my first real camera — a digital Leica, which has never left my side since. Since then, my muse has softly nudged me along, forcing me to to go on a journey of learning about what is essential. And what I have learned, our photos and what we create is merely a reflection of what’s inside us — and who we are. I have a semblance of an idea about who I am, and what is my quest. Occasionally, sometimes suddenly, a photograph lets the world know about that. And then the journey resumes.

For now, I am based in San Francisco, California. It gives me what my soul craves the most — fog and the mystery it brings!

Places I feel Inspired

I am happiest when walking in snow. Being enveloped in fog and cold mountains allow me a chance to become invisible. Iceland, Alaska, Tuscany and California are my current inspirations.

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